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Rahul Gogril Label, a brainchild of Mr. Rahul Gogri was founded in 2006. With a strong intent of providing the best-in-class research and development, designing, photo shoot, and catalogue building for women garments, the company soon established various brands to cater to different segments.

The company assets include a sprawling manufacturing facility and a round-the-clock functioning administrative office at Mumbai. To stay tuned with the current times, we have invested heavily in technology. The abundance of CAD machines in our facility provides a testimony to the above statement. Over time, the company has built long standing relationships with distributors and has a wide reach pan India.

Under the able guidance of our lively and brilliant founder, Mr. Gogri, constant patronage of our dealers, and uninterrupted support by our employees, Rahul Gogri Label has carved out a distinct place in the hearts of frugal-spenders and shopaholics alike. Thus, it is of no surprise that the company receives huge amount of emails; some suggesting new designs and others sharing the applauds that they received from their customers.

For keeping up with our motto of “Guaranteed Customer Delight” we are planning to increase our functional areas including institutional sales, distribution, and online services into our daily operations. This will help us to churn superior quality women garments quickly and at competitive price, JUST THE WAY YOU WANT IT!!!

Director Profile

Rahul Gogri, a couturier and a costume stylist, is a juggernaut in the fashion industry. With his sizeable clarity on waning and waxing fads, elegant styles and evergreen fashion, he is considered to be a think tank in the fashion industry. His collections, ranging from premium to economical women garments, reflect his prowess as a designer. His sublime collections are no less than short term courses for industry leaders themselves.

His remarkable understanding of woman clothing can be seen by the way he brings the rich blend of modern aesthetics and sprouting aspirations of Indian women to create a mark in the society, on the table. His breathtaking costume designs and stunning workmanship have won the hearts of many.

His personal philosophy of continuous improvement and the growing dependence of businesses on technology has nudged him to equip his arsenal with IT skills. Being a person who believes in contributing to the development and raising the standard of people around him, he indulges in various social activities and then moves on to conduct his regular business. In his leisure time, Mr. Gogri likes to travel to exotic places and is in a constant search to learn something new. There is no doubt that such aspects make him a role model for dozens of entrepreneurs.

He is in constant search of new designs and once he conceives an idea, he puts his mind and soul to make it a reality. The massive popularity of his designs and the inimitable aesthetics that he brings to costumes is liked by women across all ages. The unique amalgamation of charm, elegance, and glamor that he brings to the table, has made him a trendsetter in the fashion industry.

Brand Story

While the label is younger than its peers in India, Rahul Gogri Label (erstwhile known as Ray Boutique) has gained commendations from women across all ages as well as garnered critical acclaim from the hot shots in the fashion industry. Rahul Gogri Label’s bouquet of trendiest fashion and one-of-a-kind masterpieces in our women’s wear segment has increased our footprint in every nook and corner of the country.

At Rahul Gogri Label, we breathe fashion. A slight nick here and a minute scratch there is no less than a deadly toxic for us, which is why as soon as we encounter one, we start developing an antidote. To develop the most exquisite and pertinent dresses and to keep our fashion quotient high, we follow a very rigorous process while selecting our in-house designers.

The clientele of Rahul Gogri Label ranges from college going girls to CXO’s in multinational corporations to divas. Rahul Gogri Label’s design aesthetic is eternally evolving. It relentlessly strives to exhibit original dresses that display creativity and express originality.

The brand portfolio is resplendent with modern elements of design and adds the signature Rahul Gogri touch to each of its garments.


Distinct and unmatchable style.

Specialization in designing designer clothing for women across all ages


To build a world class fashion house that is committed to produce enchanting women garments for all ages. Invoking a sense of beauty and style within our customers are the reason and inspiration for everything we do.


To become a lighthouse of new styles in women garments segment and a trendsetter in the fashion industry.


Distinct and unmatchable style.

Specialization in designing designer clothing for women across all ages


We have been in touch with Rahul Gogri Label for over a year now. They are extremely professional in their conduct and provide best quality women garments. Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t think twice before recommending them to others.

It’s been 5 years that we have been ordering women garments from Rahul Gogri Label. One thing that sets them apart from others is their ability to continuously upgrade themselves with new technologies that fit exactly as per customer needs and emerging fashions.